Motorbike & Powersport Batteries

Motorbike & Powersport Batteries

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Dry Fit

For those Power Sport enthusiasts who expect even more, we introduce the Ultimate in High Performance batteries that was built with, High Performance Motorcycles & High Performance Jet Skis in mind.

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Super Sport Lithium

The ultimate lithium battery for all power sport applications. The Super Sport range is a high quality range of LiFePO4 batteries specifically designed for high performance Power Sport applications.

Features & Benefits:

Long Life with over 2000 cycles

Built in battery protection

Low self-discharge: <5% per month

Extremely light : 1/3 the weight of Lead Acid

Patented silicone rubber cover and pad

Excellent performance with high power density cell and instantaneous discharge up to 50C

Prismatic Pouch Cell construction

No corrosive liquid, not toxic

Wide temperature range: -10oC – 55oC


Lower total cost of ownership

Increased safety and protection

Start your bike even after 12month storage

Light weights / increase performance for racing bikes

Vibration and skid resistant

More power, start first time every time

Safe / Long life / high performance

Increased power output

Can be installed in any direction

Environmentally friendly

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High Performance Maintenance Free

When power matters, Rev Plus is your best. Rev Plus is your best choice providing addition cranking and reserve capacity for your demanding machine.

Extra Heavy Duty Conventional

For equipment requiring more power such as Jet Skis, ATV’s and Touring Bikes, the Rev Plus Power Sport Extra Heavy Duty Conventional range uses state-of-the-art separators to allow 2 additional plates per cell increasing both Amp Hour and Cold Cranking Performance.

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Heavy Duty Conventional

Our Heavy Duty Conventional battery have been specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environmental conditions whilst maintaining its high cranking performance, reliability, and resistance to corrosion making it anything but conventional.

Other brands available for motorcycle are:
Motobatt, SSB, Panasonic.
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